Out of  VACCA 2016 Art Mentoring Program an Aboriginal Youth Art Collective will be established in 2017 to provide a studio space & materials for development of works, offer ongoing support and learning for Aboriginal young people in the visual arts, and provide opportunities for them to create and sell products.

The collective will support Aboriginal young people in receiving art commissions; to mount exhibitions and create designs for products for sale such as cards, cushion covers, jewellery and tote bags to name a few.

In purchasing these products, you are contributing to the future of the young artists’ practice and the sustainability of the Art Collective as the young people will receive income from the sale of their products, as well as contributing a percentage back into the collective for future print runs and materials.


Meet the Artists




Age: 16
Birthplace: East Melbourne
Tribe/People: Wagiman Tribe, NT

“Art is something that connected me and my Nan. She  died when I was younger but she taught me how to do everything.”



Age: 17
Birthplace: Sydney
Tribe/People: Wemba Wemba

“Doing art makes me feel happy and peaceful.”



Age: 18
Birthplace: Melbourne
Tribe/People: Gunditjmara, Yorta Yorta, Dja Dja Wurrung and Bunitj

“Art is an aspect of my culture that I love exploring. Doing art has helped me become stronger within my identity as an Aboriginal woman, as well as
allowing me to share my knowledge through art.”



Age: 17
Birthplace: Adelaide
Tribe/People: Ngarrindjeri

“I love art! It’s my way of expressing my emotions and who I am as a young Aboriginal woman.”



cards-webIn 2017 we are establishing an Aboriginal Youth Art Collective to provide ongoing support and learning for Aboriginal young people in the visual

arts. You can donate to the Art Collective below and the products will be on sale on the VACCA website in early 2017.

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