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After having their first child, Adrian and Lyndee knew that they wanted to grow their family. “We always planned on having more [children]. When that didn’t come around, we decided to go on the path of caring for a foster child” says Adrian.

After providing respite foster care, the couple are now providing long-term care afor more than three years. “He’s one of the family. We've welcomed him on board long-term, and he's part of our family now” says Adrian. 

Both Adrian and Lyndee knew that VACCA was the right fit for them as soon as they started their foster care training. “I enjoyed the training and when we walked out we were like, this is the organisation that we need to be with” says Adrian.

At the heart of the care they provide to the children is a connection to culture and community. “Culture, we embed it in everyday life. It's embedded in our family, so we live and breathe it every day” says Lyndee.

For the couple, connecting children with their culture and identity is just as important as providing a safe and stable home environment. “Our priority is connecting him to his culture. We've seen the benefits, he's very proud of his culture now. He's doing so well now because he's so connected to his Aboriginality” says Lyndee. “It really has been quite healing for him to know where he comes from and where he sits in community.” 

Watching the children in their care grow and develop is the most rewarding part of being a carer, says Lyndee. “He's grown in confidence since he's coming into our care. He's just grown more and more confident each day, he takes on new challenges” she says. “It's rewarding to see where he's come from to where he is now. He's just grown in himself as a person.” 

For Adrian and Lyndee, providing a safe and loving home for a child is something anyone can do. “I think anyone could be a carer. You’ve just got to have the time and have a loving and kind nature” says Lyndee.


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