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04/02/2016 - News

Our CEO co launches the state government’s Aboriginal Inclusion Action Plan for the Commission for Children and Young People

On Tuesday 2nd February 2016, VACCA’s CEO Prof Muriel Bamblett joined with the Minister for Families and Children and Minister for Youth Affairs Jenny Makakis to co launch the government’s new Aboriginal Commission for Children and Young People’s (CCYP) Aboriginal Inclusion Action Plan…

03/02/2016 - News

A sky high donation!

At the close of last year VACCA received a sky high gift when local street artist Adnate donated the proceeds of an auctioned piece of work to facilitate VACCA’s 2016 Art Mentoring Program. One of Australia’s most sought after contemporary artists, Adnate…

03/02/2016 - News

KYLA call out

VACCA is calling out for young Koories interested in being part of the next Koorie Youth Leaders in Action (KYLA) program. KYLA runs for 22 weeks and engages Koorie people 13-17 years of age to focus on each person’s right and responsibility…

08/12/2015 - News

VACCA CEO Muriel Bamblett addresses Victorian Parliament on prevention of Family Violence

On the 26th November 2015 VACCA’s CEO Muriel Bamblett joined Rosie Batty, Kristy McKellar, Joumanah el Matrah, Graham Ashton, Annette Gillespie and Rodney Vlais in a special parliamentary sitting on the prevention of family violence in the Victorian Legislative Assembly chamber. As the first Indigenous woman to address…