In 2007 VACCA made a film in collaboration with film maker Richard Frankland with a group of 18 children and young people connected to VACCA’s out of home care programs.
This film, Ngweeyan Thookayngat: Voice of Children, shows the children’s journey as they learn about and explore Aboriginal culture, identity, heritage and community history.
VACCA has received funding to bring the original participants of the first film together to make a follow up film. The young people are working with Woromi nation film maker and curator Genevieve Grieves and Taungarong Elder Uncle Larry Walsh to guide them through the cultural journey of the film and Youthworx media to teach them film making and editing skills to create a short film documenting the journey the young people have made in the last seven years.

The young people will develop film production skills in script writing, interviewing, filming and production through workshops and hands-on learning to explore through film what it means to be young Koorie people in Melbourne, and reflect on their journeys of the last seven years to better understand their roles and contributions in their community and culture.

As one young participant has expressed in one of the first workshops:

“I’d like to learn more about my culture and my tribes and what I am as a person and what these tribes mean to me and what I mean to them. I’d like to learn more about my great grandmother where she comes from how she grew up, what she experienced, how generations stories or the dreaming has changed over these many years.”

The Film Project has been funded by the Department of Regional Australia, Local Government, Arts and Sport Victoria/Tasmania – Office for the Arts.