What is the VACCA Nugel program?

Nugel is Wurundjeri meaning “belong.”

VACCA’s Nugel program is the first of its kind in Australia. Currently when an Aboriginal child is on a protection order, the Department of Health and Human Services makes plans and decisions for the child.

DHHS has transferred these powers for some Aboriginal children to VACCA and Nugel will accept responsibility for decision making and case planning for these children and young people. This means that DHHS will no longer be involved. Aboriginal organisations making decisions with Aboriginal families can do things differently.

What will be different in the way VACCA does business?

  • Nugel will start by bringing family together
  • Nugel will listen to your story
  • Nugel will use family relationships to strengthen identity, culture and build resilience
  • Nugel will be led by families in relation to how they would like to spend time together
  • Cultural connection helps children grow up strong, culture starts with family.

Safety of children and young people – it is our priority

Nugel will provide support to families to be safe and stay together

Nugel will advocate for safe reunifi cation for families who are not together

If children cannot be at home, we will involve parents and family in planning and decision making for the future.

This is a new and diff erent way to work together with Aboriginalchildren, young people and their families for better outcomes.

Our commitment to families, carers, children and young people

VACCA’s knowledge of Aboriginal families and community will be part of Nugel casework.

And most importantly….

“Our children will know who they are and where they belong. They will take pride in their cultural identity and will grow up strong and resilient”
– VACCA CEO Muriel Bamblett


Download the brochure here

Download the brochure for professionals here