The Moondani Aboriginal Family Centre – Strength Through Cultural Knowledge

Moondani is the Woiwurrung word for ‘embrace’. The Moondani Aboriginal Family Centre will be a landmark – a meeting place that celebrates Aboriginal family values in Victoria, and invites everyone to experience the richness of Aboriginal culture.

The vision for Moondani goes beyond simply building another Aboriginal community centre. It is a vision inspired by the traditional Aboriginal home and the sense of belonging and confidence that comes from being part of a family – and a community.

Run by VACCA, Moondani will be a place that encourages people to share stories, experiences and art; a place that welcomes Aboriginal people from across Victoria and encourages the wider non-indigenous community to enjoy its facilities and services.


The Moondani Aboriginal Family Centre combines cultural awareness and education programs with access to family welfare services. By building resilience in Aboriginal people from an early age and encouraging positive parenting practices, Moondani will make families stronger. As a place where anyone can visit and experience Aboriginal culture, it will foster a deeper understanding of historical and contemporary Aboriginal life in the wider community.

Moondani will create positive, tangible change in Aboriginal communities through its programs and services aimed at children, families and childcare professionals.

The Moondani Aboriginal Family Centre will:

  • Offer cultural experiences to Indigenous and non-indigenous Victorians
  • Promote Aboriginal achievement and positive family practices
  • Celebrate Aboriginal culture and family values
  • Promote the role of Elders in community life
  • Provide access to VACCA’s child and family services
  • Provide training for childcare professionals
  • Encourage parents, staff and the broader community to be involved in monitoring, developing and evaluating its programs and services.