We believe in the principles of the right of Aboriginal people to self-determination and the rights of the child and we commit to uphold Victorian Aboriginal cultural protocols.

Best interest of the child

  • Our children have the right to be heard, to be nurtured and safe
  • They have the right to optimal life opportunities including access to education, healthcare and the development of social and emotional wellbeing
  • Aboriginal children have the right to their Aboriginal identity
  • Wherever possible we believe that families offer the best environment for raising children.

 Aboriginal cultural observance 

  • We believe that wherever possible and practicable that compliance with Aboriginal protocols, cultural practice and ceremony is integral in helping us achieve successful outcomes.


  • We pay respect to and commit to comply with the individual and collective cultural rights, obligations and responsibilities of Aboriginal people in our operations, management and in the delivery of our service.

Healing and empowerment

  • We believe in empowering the people we serve.
  • We use a strengths-based approach in our services and help our clients make choices for their future.


  • We believe that the community we service expects and are entitled to a high quality and professional service.