The Healing Foundation has funded VACCA to explore options for the design and operation of Victorian Aboriginal Healing Centres models focusing on the needs of children and their families. Our approach towards developing VACCA Healing Centres Models has involved consulting people who are connected with VACCA, past and present including former clients who have successfully made the transition from being in care. We have consulted with local Elders on whose land we are located and with other community Elders who maybe living in metro Melbourne and whose traditional country is elsewhere. Our therapeutic or healing approach will of necessity acknowledge the cultural identity of the child and families involved whether they be blended families or not. In conducting this study VACCA will also explore the application of the principles of Therapeutic Healing which we are currently rolling out across all aspects of our services including our work practices.

The Report of the community consultation phase has now been completed and is available on our website.

Click here to read the Stage one Report

The next phase of this project is the development of design options and a business case underpinning the operations of the proposed Healing Centres. A final report of the VACCA Healing Centres Design project will be available at the end of July this year.