The Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (VACCA) is the lead Aboriginal child and family welfare organisation in Victoria, protecting and promoting the rights of Aboriginal children and young people. We provide programs and services to reinforce Aboriginal culture and encourage best parenting practices, and advise government in relation to child abuse and neglect in the Aboriginal community.

We are a statewide Aboriginal community controlled organisation advocating for the rights of Aboriginal children, young people and families, and providing them with services premised on human rights, self-determination, cultural respect and safety.

Our Vision
Our children, young people, families and communities are thriving – culturally strong, empowered and safe.

Our Purpose
To strengthen the safety, wellbeing and cultural connectedness of Aboriginal children, individuals and families in their community.

VACCA is a QIC accredited organisation!

QIC accreditation confirms that VACCA complies with standards and regulations set out in quality and funding standards, but it means more than just compliance. Accreditation against the QIC Standards means that VACCA takes a quality improvement approach to the organisation and its services. A continuous quality improvement approach is ongoing identification of organisational and service strengths and areas for improvement. This then results in a work plan to improve identified areas, so that there is always ongoing improvement of the organisation and its services.

What does this mean?

VACCA is committed to:

  • The delivery of quality services that are safe for clients.
  • Providing credible assurance about the quality of service, so clients can be confident  about the service they receive
  • Reducing business risk
  • Educating and supporting staff in the provision of quality service
  • Building a culture of quality within the organisation
  • Complying with regulatory requirements.